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What A Jeep Cherokee Looks Like Drowning

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On the surface, this seems like a unnecessary test for a worthwhile Jeep, but there is method in the madness.

The creator of the video explains, ‘sometimes at medium speeds my Jeep would stall while going through 1ft+ puddles. It would make it through just fine, but the engine would shut off and I would coast to the other end. It would start up fine after a minute or two….Being stumped by this odd phenomenon, it was time to do some research.’

As you would expect from a jeep being submerged in dirty water, the engine in parts of the vehicle didn’t come out too well, ‘The damages that this and two previous dunkings caused was rather enlightening. Dirty water worked it’s way into just about every part of my Jeep inside and out.

Quite a few bearings were destroyed either by direct contact with gritty water or oil contamination over time Including: alternator rear bearing, mechanical fan bearing, driveshaft U-joints, transfer case bearings, piston rings, tie rod Ends, all front and rear axle bearings.

Electrical components and connections affected include: starter, alternator, CPS sensor, cap and rotor, oil pressure sender, turn signal bulb Sockets, IAC sensor, blower motor.

Fluids and greases that were contaminated include: engine oil, front and rear diff fluid, transfer case fluid, drive shaft u-joints, tie rod ends.’

So there is your research.
If you want to try dunking your own Jeep load of dirty water, expect to have to do a lot of post-restoration work.
However, it does make fantastic viewing.

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What A Jeep Cherokee Looks Like Drowning
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