SUVs: The New Luxury Vehicle?

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The New Luxury Vehicle-12

With SUVS like the Porsche Cayenne, Lamborghini SUV Urus, Land Rover’s Evoque and Bentley’s Bentayga you would sure think so.
Even the low to mid-range SUV offerings are far more luxurious and light-years away from the very first SUVs.

It’s no surprise really as even the smallest of cars these days are far bigger than their ancestors, so it makes sense that people will want an SUV sized vehicle with all the luxuries you can find elsewhere.

The modern SUV can arguably be seen as more of an all-round vehicle, something that can fit the whole family and has all the luxuries and performance in some cases to rival sports car.
Really, what’s not to like.

The question is, how well these luxurious SUV’s will do in the long run.
At this point, the orders are coming in thick and fast which shows that the public have confidence in the SUV market especially the luxury SUV market.

Basically, gone are the days of the drab people carrier to usher in the luxury SUV market.

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