Lamborghini Urus: 2018 Launch?

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The Lamborghini Urus was first shown at the Beijing Auto Show in 2012 as a concept SUV.
Since then, there has been much rumour about not only how it will finally look and function, but also its release date.

Currently, there have been murmurings that the release will be more like 2018 when this SUV finally appears, but when it eventually does, it will have to compete with the other top end luxury SUVs from the likes of Audi and the Bentley Bentayga.

The Urus will hopefully feature a 4 or 5.2L twin turbo V8 or V10 engine, carbon fibre reinforcement and the platform more in tune with the Audi Q7 or the latest Bentley offering.
A hybrid version has also been mentioned, but at this early stage we can only speculate on the final product.

At least at this point it can be said the Urus SUV will be every bit a Lamborghini in design and functionality, which should make an exciting release.


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