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Lamborghini SUV will Arrive in 2018

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Officially, we know little more, other than it will be assembled at Lambo’s factory in Sant’ Agata near Bologna, Italy. The plant will almost double in size, and 500 new long-term jobs will be created. They’ll build about 3000 SUVs every year. For comparison, last year the firm built 1400 Gallardos and Huracans, and 1200 Aventadors.
Lamborghini SUV will Arrive in 2018 2

Lamborghini SUV will Arrive in 2018
But of course Lamborghini engineers are keen to get the best dynamics they can. To do that, Reggiani says it’s less about weight and more about chassis tech. He reckons active anti-roll, adaptive damping and variable ride height will all be important. So will Lambo’s active variable-rate steering, and possibly four-wheel-steering too. And torque vectoring for the not inconsiderable oomph that will be issuing from the engine.

Being part of the new group platform also gives Lamborghini the chance to give the new car an immense range of driver aids: from self-steering and braking, self-parking, night vision and all-round radar. There’ll also be a huge range of connectivity and social apps. All rather a change for a company that recently built a car called the Egoista.

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