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Jeep Renegade is Fiat Chrysler’s Love Child

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Jeep Renegade is Fiat Chryslers Love Child
The company just released “Renegade” but why are car enthusiasts not happy about it?

The Jeep Renegade came out from a Fiat plant which is a means to leverage the prize of Chrysler.

It has a buggy headlights, big gaps around the tires, tow hooks and skid plates.

The vehicle actually looks like a pudgy toddler in a Park Ranger uniform.

The Renegade, meanwhile, is tuned to carry the company into urban and foreign markets, where space comes at a premium. Just try picture a Grand Cherokee making cobblestone laps on the piazzas of Rome or the coffee shops of SoHo and you’ll get a sense of the product strategy. It might be seem silly to some, but the Renegade won 4,200 Americans buyers in April, the second month it has been in U.S. showrooms.

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