Jeep and Dodge SUV’s Failed in Crash Tests

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Latest News Jeep, Dodge Coping with the Crash Tests
In the 2015 crash test by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the reports shows that bigger is not always better. After putting out seven midsized sports utility vehicles most were rated as poor and marginal.

“It is a little disappointing,” said Dave Zuby Chief Research Officer for the IIHS. “You would like to see more good and acceptable performers in these small overlap crash tests.”

Marginal – Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Duragno and Hyundai Santa Fe
Poor – Dodge Journey

Good – Jeep Wrangler and Nissan Murano

Acceptable performance was rated for Ford Flex.

“What we are seeing for Dodge/Chrysler brands is that when they are bringing out new designs they are performing pretty well in our test,” said Zuby. “These older designs that have been around for a few years aren’t offering the highest level of safety in this type of crash.”

The statistics shows that Dodge sport utility sales went minus 1% while the Jeep brands boosts up to 21.8%.

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