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Fast muscle Wagon?

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Very few of us see old wagons anymore. But, when we do it tends to bring back fond family memories.

Sitting on the tailgate while Dad drove, facing drivers behind you and making faces are all part of its history.
This wagon had a 360 V8 but one could order one with a 440. So the 360 had some power as Mopar put them in the late 70’s Challengers but in a heavy wagon the high end was not so high. What attracts me to this bus was that it was spotless inside and out.

Myself and the others that gawked all over this car were there because it reminded us of our previous lives. The innocent, fun childhood memories. Wagons did that. Family haulers, wood haulers, and great picnic cars are just a small part of the allure of the wagon. I know for myself I could picture Dad at the wheel yelling back, ” don’t make me come back there”.


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