COE Ford: The Ultimate All Rounder

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By Mark Weisseg

A little history lesson for those of you who are not familiar with these acronyms. COE was really cab over and they mean that literally because the cab was over the engine and it allowed better visibility with better and longer bed area. These trucks were the norm back in the 40s and 50s to be tow trucks as well as car carriers.

I have a friend in Ohio that buys these types of trucks, strips them down and rebuilds them and restores them using Cummins engines. He likes to use the 4BT or the 6BT engine. The four and the six mean cylinders. These trucks were the workhorses of the day.
I looked at one of these recently that had been fully restored with a gasoline engine because of the car carrier ability for my restored vehicles. Now they have come a long way as far as comfort because back in the day they were very hard to drive and hard to steer and had no amenities.

Today builders have thrown in air-conditioning and power steering, better seating and lighting and made these trucks very comfortable to drive and it allows hauling a trailer around.
So you will see many of these types of trucks still being found in fields and in barns because they have not taken off in the restoration world like the cars and pick up trucks.
I know a guy out in North Dakota normally has about a dozen of these types of trucks that are in rough shape but all can be restored and rebuilt and you can do nearly anything with the backside of the truck.
A lot of people like these trucks because they sit high enough on the road to give you a good view. Also, with all the new creature comfort’s they will ride very nice and you can drive your vehicle up onto the bed in the back and you could pull a trailer.
They are very efficient and very cool if they are restored correctly. All I’m asking you to do is keep an eye out for these COE’s if you desire something very different and cool to haul your sweet ride to a show. You get to double dip. Show your ride on the truck and show the truck. How sweeeeeeet.

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