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Bentley Bentayga: Most Expensive SUV?

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Billed as the fastest and most luxurious SUV in the world is a statement that is bold, but obviously achievable from a make like Bentley.
If you look at the current crop of Bentley’s and all the luxurious vehicles they have producing in the past, you’d expect the same level of ride and luxury, just in SUV form.

From initial reports, the Bentayga has held up its claims in the luxury and performance department, so now it is down to real-world tests what the video below to see if it matches the rest of the Bentley range and is an ideal competitor in this market.

Prices are around $229,100 making it definitely the most expensive SUV, with its nearest rival the Porsche Cayenne starting at hundred and $158,295 and Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG at $138,075.

Check out the Bentayga review video below.



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