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1982 Toyota Winnebago Trekker Prototype

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Engine: B&M Motors 22R
Transmission: Marlin Crawler L52 manual
Color: white

Price: $6000

They only sold 1500 of these in the US and there is only a handful remaining.

For those unfamiliar, here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia: “The Trekker was one of the first prototype walk through conversions done to Toyota trucks in the early 1980s. They were similar to the successive 4Runner conversions done by Toyota, which started production in 1984, but were designed and built by Winnebago Industries with the approval of Toyota. They were no longer a viable conversion when Toyota started producing the 4Runner in 1984. It was in essence the marketing test vehicle for Toyota to be able to introduce the 4Runner.

The Trekker was produced from early 1981 through 1983. The Trekkers were all built on Toyota short box chassis’. All of the Trekkers were classified as SR5 by both Winnebago and Toyota, regardless of the actual VIN denotation. Originally there were to be a SR5 and Deluxe version of the Trekker, one with vented windows and one without. All 1981 Trekkers had vented canopy windows. Non vented canopy windows were not installed on the Trekker until the 1982 model year. Non vented windows were installed due to the leaking issues of a forward facing vent on the 1981 Trekkers canopy windows rather than the classification of SR5 vs Deluxe.

Toyota shipped all trucks from Japan as cab and chassis in order to avoid the 25% assembled truck customs tax. The trucks destined for production as Trekkers were shipped to the dealership handling the national distribution of the Trekker. From there they went to Winnebago to have the Trekker conversion installed, returned after completion to the dealership for national distribution. Most of the Trekker conversions sold went to the west coast of the United States.

The Trekker conversion consisted of a fiberglass tub, bed sides, a non-removable canopy and rear hatch. The kit included a folding rear seat that could be folded forward to lay flat and add cargo space to the back. There was no tailgate on the Trekkers. The factory Toyota vinyl cab headliner was replaced and matched to the custom rear canopy headliner.

About 1500 of the Trekkers were built and sold in the United States. An additional unknown number of Trekker kits, likely less than 200, were shipped to Canada to be installed on Canadian trucks at the dealerships. 20 to 30 of the Trekker kits were sold and shipped to Saudi Arabia for installation.”



-B&M Motors 22R engine with approx. 40k miles since 2011.
-Marlin Crawler L52 transmission with approx. 15k miles since 2015.
-Weber 38/38 carburetor.
-Offenhauser intake manifold.
-31″ BFG A/T tires, approx. 25k miles and plenty of tread left, will measure later.
-Front axle recently service with Marlin Crawler front axle/knuckle kit.
-New cat-back, passed emmissions easily last year.
-Windshield replaced in 2014, only one nick.

-The interior is crap. The body is rusted out near the body mounts. Very typical for this gen Toyota pickup.
-Odometer and speedometer malfunctioned around 280K, assuming it’s around 340,000 mi now, but does that really matter at this point? The speedo works fine up to about 30mph, then pegs out to 80+ and makes a whirring sound.
-Last time I drove it, sounded like the universal joints need to get done soon.
-Decent dent in the R/H fender. These are easy to come by as it’s just a Toyota Pickup / Hilux fender.

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